I’m currently a senior year undergraduate student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, major in Computer Science and Technology.

My current research experience lies in programming languages and formal methods, especially using them to solve practical problems (i.e. building reliable system) and formalization of mathematical theorems. I also have research experience in Automata Theory.

As an undergraduate students, I’m exploring more amazing research fields. I was advised by Qinxiang Cao at present. Prior to that I studied in Xiang Yin’s group. I wish I could devote myself to the research and education of computer science in the future, so I am seeking a place to pursue Ph. D. degree.

Here is my CV.


Research Projects

The following lists my most important research experiences during undergraduate study.

See more details in Projects .


  • Verification-aided Compiler Optimization: An expedition to support compiler optimization aided by verification information carried by programs

  • Finite Canonical Model for Completeness Theory in Coq Based on UnifySL: An extension from framework of infinite model for completeness theorem proof to finite model in a logic library UnifySL for Coq proof assistant.


  • Supervisor Control of Timed Discrete-Event Systems: Investigating the supervisory control problem for timed discrete-event systems (TDES) under partial observation where time was considered as a special event.


Conference Paper:

  • Ziteng Yang, X. Yin and S. Li. “Maximally permissive supervisor control of timed discrete-event systems under partial observation,” in 21st IFAC World Congress, 2020.

    [ PDF l Slide l Video Report (Youtube) ].


Materials I introduced after reading during group meeting or similar event

  • Nov. 24, 2020, Group Meeting: Static Single Assignment - Redundancy Elimination [Slides]

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant (official) for MA239@SJTU: Discrete Mathematics (Honor), 2020 fall, lectured by Xiang Yin.
    • Courses for the Zhiyuan Honor Program (a program only for top 5% students in Engineering related majors) at SJTU;
    • Duties: exercise grading, tutorials (for exercises) teaching, office hours holding and Q&A
  • Teaching Assistant (unofficial) for MA208@SJTU: Discrete Mathematics, 2020 fall, lectured by Qinxiang Cao .
    • Courses for the *IEEE Honor Class (an honor class for elite students in EECS) at SJTU & Artificial Intelligence Class *
    • Duties: Q&A, making answer sheets for exercises

Other Projects

The following projects are selected either from course work or my entertainment during spare time:

  • SimPL Interpreter: an interpreter for a simple programming language called SimPL, implemented in 2020.

  • Naive-Airdrop: an application for encrypted file synchronization between PC and Android under the same wi-fi, implemented in 2019.

    (Both my first project using Java and first practical project for real life.)

  • Linux (Android) Memory Management: Replacement of the original page replacement algorithm with a new one in a given specification, implemented in 2019.

  • In The Garden: a mini puzzle game (Chinese version only), created in 2018, with other two partner.

    (My first mini-project of game design.)

  • Re-implementation of deque and map of C++ Standard Template Library (STL): Re-implement the data structure deque (using Block List) and map (using AVL Tree) of C++ Standard Library, simulating most of their original designed functions, implemented in 2018.

    (My first project of programming.)

See more details in Projects .

Honors and Awards

  • Rongchang Scholarship for Science and Technology Innovation, Finalist (30 persons school-wide each academic year; 10,000 CNY) , Oct. 2020
  • Undergraduate Excellent Scholarship, Third-class (Top 20%; 500 CNY), Oct. 2018
  • 1st Prize in National High School Mathematics League in Provinces, Sept. 2016


Sentences Teach Me a Lot

  • “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” — Linus Torvalds

Current Future Plans

  • Find a place to pursue a doctoral degree;
  • Graduate successfully;
  • Learn more things in Logics, Mathematics and Computer Science (especially System and Theory);
  • Raise a cat within 5 years; Run a “Cat Café” and do research there after graduation;


  • Sports: Tennis, badminton, volleyball, table tennis
  • Instruments: Harmonica
  • Movies: Interstellar (the favorite one), The Dark Knight, movies from Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe, etc.
  • Games: Red Dead Redemption 2 (the favorite one), Life is Strange, Plants VS. Zombies.
  • Animals: Cats, dogs, hamsters.