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I’d like to share some useful materials (both undergraduate level and graduate level) for Computer Science’s study here. Most of them are for Programming Languages, Theoretical Computer Science and Computer Systems.

Materials for CS Study from Internet

a. Programming Languages (Research Oriented)

Program Verification

Program Analysis

Parallel Programming

  • TODO

b. Theoretical Computer Science (Interests Oriented)

  • TODO (Algorithm)

  • Prof. Ryan O’Donnell at CMU keeps uploading videos about basic theoretical computer science in YouTube and Bilibili

    卡内基梅隆大学的 Ryan O’Donnell 教授一直在 YouTuBe 和 B站 上传理论计算机相关的科普视频

c. Computer System (Courses Oriented)

$\alpha$ Tools

Some Professors’/Researchers’ Website

Programming Languages & Formal Methods in Computer Science